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Manuka & Organic Raw Rainforest Honey

Manuka Honey

Once the domain of New Zealand which can be credited for discovering the Manuka factor, and that is where the story becomes more interesting as it is now proven that the original species of Flower came from Australia so the Birth Place for true Manuka honey is in fact Australia.


What we offer today is the very best Raw Organic Pure Manuka Honey in Australia at MGO500 and NPA15+ simply means this is medicinal grade honey, continuing up to MGO 900 andNPA20+.


We at Medicines from nature have always taken pride in offering the very best raw ingredients available we simply do not compromise.


We also offer a beautiful Raw Organic Australian Rainforest honey for normal daily consumption this delicious Medium Amber Rainforest Honey achieves an excellent balance of sweetness and flavour which endears it to families and chef’s all across this great country. For purity and quality where the honey has not been subjected to being heated which breaks down the goodness and the nutritional profile of the product.

If your health matters then Medicines from Nature is the brand for you.

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