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Balanced Formulation of Essential Superfoods

Biodynamic Rice & Apple Powder

Shiitake Mushroom  for Immune Function

Pre Biotic for Improved Gut Flora

Low Allergy, Dairy & Gluten Free

Pleasant Tasting Powder

Green Tea assists Weight Normalisation & Improved Metabolism

BettaGreens is a balanced superfoods formulation to support a happy, healthy, body and mind. The ultimate Bioactive formula is packed with an excellent blend of naturally occurring essential nutrients from superfoods including Organic Barley Grass / Alfalfa / Spirulina / cracked Chlorella /Green Tea & Shitake Mushroom plus biodynamic rice and apple powder.


A next generation level of nourishment and absorption is provided by additional PREbiotics to assist the growth of good bacteria in the gut and assist in improving overall energy and immune function plus help with metabolism and weight.

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