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Marine collagen is the best way to naturally unlock youthful and radiant beauty, as it is an important component of 90% of bones and most skin and ligaments. It nourishes intrinsically, resists wrinkles and pigmentation, enhances skin's radiance and releases extraordinary energy against the visible affects of ageing.

Collagen promotes hair regeneration, improves the scalp environment, and makes hair full and supple plus it improves and strengthens nails, making them strong and shiny. It increases tissue collagen, strengthens joints, bones and ligaments, and may assist to prevent premature ageing.


Many products on the market only contain collagen powder and flavour additives.Our product contains the additional benefits of silica, probiotics and A2 protein from Australia's pure natural farms in a scientifically balanced formula.

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Each 5g sachet contains:

Pure Marine Collagen - 2,500mg

Silica -150mg

LactoSpore Bacillus Coagulans - 1 Billion

A2 Protein - 2,330mg

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